Munich Court FRAND Contract Guidance

Munich Court FRAND Contract Guidance – Munich IPDR Forum Workshop

On February 4th, the Landgericht München I (Munich I Regional Court) has released its long-awaited guidance document on SEP/FRAND patent litigation (find it here). Together with sections on, inter alia, pre-litigation FRAND negotiation conduct and FRAND litigation structure (timeline, amendments, requirements for raising a FRAND defense, etc.) before the Munich Court, the guidance document sets out cornerstones for FRAND-compliant license offers/contracts. However, the Court refrains from specifying the wording of FRAND-compliant contractual terms while suggesting the parties of a FRAND dispute may rely on contract language developed by third parties for this purpose. The Munich IPDR Forum attempts to follow this call and work out FRAND-compliant contract language with a view to the Munich Court FRAND guidance. For this purpose, it is organizing a

Munich IPDR Forum FRAND contract clause workshop

Venue: Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, Munich
Date: 24 March 2020
Participants: inter alia guidance-drafting judges from the Munich court, FRAND litigators, key company players Language: English

If you are interested in participating and contributing please get in touch at info@ipdr-forum.org. To keep the session focused and constructive seats will be limited. Members of the Munich IPDR Forum will have priority.